30 Questions to Ask Your Baltimore Wedding Venue

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Planning a wedding can be challenging. Figuring out the perfect Baltimore wedding venue is one of the most difficult aspects of planning. It’s essential to do your research and ask all the right questions before signing any contracts or deciding where to get married. There are so many things that go into choosing a Baltimore wedding venue for your special day! This blog post will cover 30 questions you need to ask during every Baltimore wedding venue tour.

Some questions to ask during your Baltimore wedding venue tour are:

  1. What is the capacity of this space?
  2. Do I need an outside vendor for alcohol or food service?
  3. Is there parking available on-site, and if so, will guests have access to that as well after hours?
  4. Will they provide tables and chairs free of charge, or do we need to bring our setup materials?  (if you’re renting them)
  5. How many people does it take to put together all necessary material for a wedding ceremony/reception here at this location?
  6. How much time do we get onsite before the event starts?
  7. Does their catering company handle special diets such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.?
  8. Does their catering company offer a “no-menu” option to create custom dishes for our event?
  9. Is there an in-house DJ service, or do we need to bring one of our own?
  10. Can I get access to the space after hours if needed (for pictures)?
  11. What are your cancellation policies and fees, specifically during inclement weather conditions, Baltimore wedding venue shutdowns, etc.?
  12. How many bathrooms does this location have?
  13. What type of bathroom setup is available – what’s included with that price point package?
  14. What is the maximum capacity for this Baltimore wedding venue?
  15. Does the location offer any discounts on rental rates if we use our vendors (catering, DJ)?
  16. Do you have a list of preferred vendors that I can work with to help make my event special and unique?
  17. What time will parking be available at the space – do people need to park offsite or in an overflow lot before coming into your facility?
  18. Is there anything else I should know about before choosing this space as my Baltimore wedding venue?
  19. How many guests does the banquet hall hold up to per room/space?
  20. What’s included in those price points packages, and how much are they respectively.?
  21. Can guests bring outside food inside for cocktail hour-type events?
  22. How many people can we expect to be at the event each day, and how long is the reception set for (i.e., Saturday night from _____ until ____)?
  23. What about my other vendors – what space will they need on-site, if any?
  24. What are their responsibilities during setup or breakdown? Is there a stage required for this type of Baltimore wedding venue that I should know about ahead of time? Will it accommodate my DJ’s equipment size requirements?
  25. What security will be in place when guests arrive?
  26. Are there backup generators if natural disasters occur close by, where would these go, and who has access keys to them as part of their job?
  27. Are there any restrictions on what I can bring in for our event (i.e., speaker outside, food truck)?
  28. What would a perfect wedding look like here, and why are we considering this Baltimore wedding venue?
  29. How long is the planning process for your typical bride?  What if it’s longer than expected – how will you handle that situation, or am I required to book an extra-long contract with you, so my timeline doesn’t get disrupted by delays?
  30. How does overtime work at your Baltimore wedding venue? If something isn’t going as planned during the day, do you have backup vendors on call to fix any issues quickly before they become big problems?

If you have more questions about searching for the perfect Baltimore wedding venue, please contact us. We’d love to help you!

A Few Unique Baltimore Wedding Venues

The 1840s Plaza is a popular spot in Baltimore for weddings and other events, with spaces that they can customize to suit your needs. The space’s location right within the historic Jonestown neighborhood makes it easy for attendees to access – perfect if you’re looking from hosting an overnight event! They have their dedicated team of experts who work seamlessly with caterers so that every detail will go according to plan without any hassles on your end. One favorite area is the 1840s Ballroom which offers beautiful views of the landscaped garden courtyard and inside accommodations like a private dining room or bar lounge areas where they host live music during cocktail hours before guests enter the reception hall. It also comes complete with marble floors and massive chandeliers.

29 S. Front Street, Baltimore, MD, Phone: 410-385-1840

The American Visionary Museum is a uniquely designed Baltimore wedding venue, perfect for your special event. The building itself stands out with its collection of art, which has won international awards, and the architecture that has been honored both nationally as well. It’s conveniently located, easily accessed by public transportation, situated centrally–and it lists approved caterers on hand to help you make your big day even more memorable! When considering an outdoor wedding in Maryland or Washington D.C., consider hosting at this outstanding location. There’s plenty of room inside the Sculpture Barn & Garden indoors where 125 guests can eat dinner together while 250 people are seated comfortably during their reception ceremony.

800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD, Phone: 410-244-1900

The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a local museum that’s also an excellent Baltimore wedding venue! You can have your ceremony and reception either on the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Alonso G. Decker Gallery, with room for 300 guests seated, 250 standing, or 500 cocktail style. Otherwise, you could get married under transparent walls overlooking the water. All guests will receive parking to make sure they’re able to enjoy themselves all night long while exploring this remarkable institution during their visit too!

1415 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD, Phone: 410-727-4808

The Belvedere Ballrooms is a Baltimore wedding venue that has been hosting unique events for over a hundred years, and they make sure to preserve the beauty of their venue. The sparkling chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and more will create an unforgettable wedding day with your guests! With a room that can host 40-400 people, there’s plenty of space for all sorts of occasions, from cocktail receptions to three-course meals! You’ll also be assigned your coordinator, who helps you plan everything from vendors down to what time we should cut the cake.

One East Chase Street, Baltimore, MD, Phone: 410-332-1000

Chase Court is a Baltimore wedding venue that offers an elegant location for your wedding or another event. The building is beautiful, constructed in 1879, and styled beautifully to reflect the Gothic style of architecture. They pride themselves on being LGBTQ-friendly, making Chase Court a great option if you’re looking into planning your ceremony now! We can host up to 150 guests at any one time in our cocktail-style setting or as small as just ourselves with that romantic elopement experience we know so well here also available too; what’s not to love?

1112 St Paul St., Baltimore, MD, Phone: 410-727-1112

The Gramercy Mansion is a Baltimore wedding venue outside of Baltimore but a sibling property to the 1840s Carrollton Inn within Baltimore. This mansion is a beautiful and relaxing bed and breakfast, perfect for staying or hosting an event in one of their many guest rooms with whirlpool tubs, fireplaces, oriental carpets, and French antiques, among others. Suites can accommodate up to four people with a separate master bedroom. Guests are treated to fresh breakfast made-to-order every day, and those looking for an event venue will love the property’s landscaped gardens, which they may reserve separately from their suite rental. The indoor spaces feature elegant antiques perfect as picturesque backdrops or ceremonies; outdoor areas include beautifully decorated patios suitable for cocktails and receptions in any weather!  A wedding package is designed by their experienced staff of caterers that includes all the essentials–tables & chairs, cocktail hour, and more.

1400 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson, MD, Phone: 410-486-2405